1. Health Informatics and Innovative Biotech

Latest research outcomes of genomics; data analysis platforms; IT platforms; cloud-computing platforms; bionic manufacturing, biomass and bio-manufacturing; bio-manufacturing equipment and bio-monitoring technologies; genetic testing technologies; diseases diagnostic technologies; health cloud; rehabilitation centers for metabolic diseases; biotech and biomedical products.

2. Medical Equipments and Bio-services

Medical devices for clinical laboratory; medical equipments; rehabilitation & care products; medical products for family health care; wearable digital health devices; mobile health; telemedicine; e-medicine; relevant agencies in legal affairs, finance and technology incubation.

3. Health 2.0 Services (Products & service health 2.0)

Customized and digitalized health management; aged care; professional maternal and child care services; TCM health care; innovative healthcare products; medical cosmetology; sports & fitness; high-end health and leisure.

4. Agriculture and Bio-breeding

Bio-breeding; bio-feeds; bio veterinary drugs; bio-pesticides; bio-fertilizers; animal vaccines; pests controlling technologies; maritime bio-resources.