Shenzhen International Biotech & HealthcareSummit and Exposition 20-22 September 2019, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

About BioTech 2018

Make your plans now to attend the Shenzhen International Biotech & Healthcare Industry Summit and Expo (Biotech 2019) in fall in Shenzhen, China.
Leading professionals in the Biotech & Healthcare industry will gather to discuss cutting-edge technology in Shenzhen, China.
China has made expansion of the biotech industry and improvement of the healthcare sector among its top national priorities.

With more than 20% of the world’s population, China is a key market for biotech products and plays a key role in biotech product development and manufacturing.
This potential for sustained growth and global leadership in the biotech and healthcare Industries makes China an ideal location for business expansion.

International biotech industry experts and healthcare professionals – as well as target customers – will gather in Shenzhen in September 2019 – the ideal place to organize business cooperation. Join us as an Exhibitor this September

About Us

Biotech 2018 consists of 4 main exhibit areas

Life Information & Innovative Biotechnology

Devoted to the development of the latest bio-industry genomic research, data analysis platforms, information technology platforms, and cloud computing service platforms, as well as bionic manufacturing, biomass and biological manufacturing, bio-technology manufacturing, equipment and biological monitoring, genetic testing technology, disease diagnosis technology, health clouds, metabolic disease health centers, and biotechnology products.

High-Quality Modern Health Services + Products

Personalized and digital health management services, rehabilitation care services including aged care, professional maternal care and rehabilitation, health care products and services involving TCM, new health care products and medical cosmetology, and physical fitness and health & leisure products and services.

Medical Devices and Digital Health Equipment

Medical devices, medical rehabilitation and medical care products, home health care products, health testing products, and wearable digital health equipment.

Agricultural Products and Biological Breeding

The development and utilization of biological breeding, bio-feeds, bio-veterinary medicines, bio-pesticides, bio-fertilizers, animal vaccines, pest control technology and marine biological resources.